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Treatment and relaxation

Speleotherapy and climatherapy in salt mine:
The treatment involves practically inhaling air in the mine, which is very useful in respiratory diseases. Duration of cure is between 12 to 18 days.

This underground treatment is conducted at the horizon "50", at a depth of 120 m from the surface. In the 4 hours spent daily by the patients in the underground, for maximum efficiency we recommended gym run by a specialist, walking and physical exertion determination. (...)

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Salt mine of Praid:
the galleries opened for visitors are on "horizon 50" along with the treatment facilities, in a gallery that is located at a depth of 120 m from the surface, having a width of 20 m, height of 14 m and length of several hundreds of meters. On a distance of 1250 m, from the entrance of the tunnel to the entrance of the gallery, the transport of the patients is made with the buses. (...)

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